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Restaurant in Lamoura

Flavoursome cuisine at La Spatule

On sunny days, take a seat at our restaurant’s terrace and feel right at the heart of the glorious nature of the Haut-Jura as you enjoy our gourmet delights, with the lush meadows in plain sight. Full of the flavours of the Jura and beautifully presented, the authentic cuisine we serve here in Lamoura speaks for itself.
The restaurant is open every day of the week in peak season and is closed on Sunday evening and Monday during the off-peak season.

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Discover delights of the Franche-Comté

In the dining room or on the terrace in summer

Some of the things you can look forward to include foie gras flavoured with “vin jaune”, Haut-Doubs charcuterie, pan-fried fillet of trout, roast fillet of bass, Geneva fera, Morteau sausage, a variety of beef cuts, variations on tartiflette using different cheeses (comte, morbier, bleu de Gex), Jura fondue and raclette, plus a range of salads - all in either the dining room with great views and a fireplace in the winter or on the terrace in the summer.
There is also a bar and tea room for moments of relaxation and discussion.

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