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Our hotel in the Haut-Jura

will open your eyes whatever the season

From lakes to rivers and from forests to meadows, the Haut-Jura has varied landscapes, well-preserved nature, and quaint towns and villages that will please even the most discerning. Close by the family resort of Les Rousses where our hotel is located, you’ll find Saint-Claude (20 minutes by car), renowned for making bruyere pipes and for cutting diamonds. With its history tied to that of Voltaire, the town displays a thousand years' worth of historical monuments, such as the Saint-Pierre Cathedral with its magnificent choir stalls and the Abbey Museum with a collection of paintings and drawings stretching from the end of the 19th century to the 1980s.

Less than 15 minutes by car, discover the Hautes-Combes, a series of high plateaux over 60 km that features unique and magical landscapes. At an average altitude of 1100 m, their valleys and forests of spruces stretch out as far as the eye can see. Throughout the year, enjoy the peace and quiet of this thriving environment, perfect for hiking or simply roaming. A region full of tradition that is renowned for its Bleu de Septmoncel, the southern part of the Haut-Jura invites you to explore the Gorges du Flumen with their breathtaking waterfalls. Coming from the waters of the Lac de Lamoura and the Hautes-Combes, the Flumen (Latin for river) seeps into the cracked rocks, and after running 4 km, joins the River Tacon. The waterfalls fall side by side into a shady, rustic creek.

Classed as a national natural heritage site, this site features four circuits suited to different fitness levels - three are easy to moderate, while the fourth is for the more athletic. You’ll be able to choose between touring the valley, walking around the waterfalls, the Roche Blanche Belvedere and finally onto the sandstone rocks of the Chapeau de Gendarme. Wander down the marked path and go and discover the magnificent rugged landscapes that make the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park so beautiful.